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Review of South Australia's Advance Directives: Planning Ahead, Your Health, Your Money, Your Life

Department of Health, Government of South Australia
Government of South Australia
IBSN 978-0-7308-9812-2

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The South Australian Government has recognised the need to examine South Australia's advance directives, to improve the way they work for individuals and families, and for the services that use them. The Government has established the Advance Directives Review as the fi rst step in this process.

You are invited to send your response to the Review Committee. Your views will be most useful
if they are based on the questions in this Issues Paper.

This Issues Paper provides information about advance directives, asks questions about how
well they are working, and invites you to suggest what should change or stay the same.

You can download the public consultation document, feedback form, background paper, or complete your response to the Issues Paper online from

Please note: The deadline for close of submissions is 8 June 2007


Executive Officer, Advance Directives Review (email)
PO Box 287, Rundle Mall SA 5000
Business: Enquiries to 8463 6196
Fax: 8226 7088