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Blog update: Children moving while in care

Office of the Guardian for Children and Young People (GCYP)

In their time in care most children and young people will change their placement at least a few times and some will change many times. While case records keep track of how many changes, far less is known about how the moves affect the young people and what can be done to ameliorate the loss and disruption. What do young people themselves say about moving?

The Guardian for Children and Young People will be finding some answers in the Children Moving While in Care Inquiry. The Inquiry will ask children and young people for their views, examine case files for evidence of how the decisions to move were made, and seek out the best wisdom and practice in managing placement change.

'It is important that we understand what the current thinking is about children moving in care, and how the theory is reflected in practice,' said Guardian Pam Simmons, prior to a meeting of the Inquiry reference group early in February.

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