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Reverb Blog update

Dan Crannitch, Project Manager, Music Thinker in Residence Program
Don Dunstan Foundation

The last few weeks since Martin left have been busy.

A steady diet of information gathering, lay of the land scoping, website launching, meetings and diary planning has been the order of the day, and I must say it has been a joy immersing myself in our local industry

A large part of my role here is to try and get a real snapshot of where SA is right now in terms of live music and convey that to Martin before he arrives in late November. This involves a lot of meetings with local industry leaders, artists and general rebel rousers.

Man, we have some great people in this city.

Meeting guys like Anthony Pak-Poy who runs CASM (the Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music) is a joy; a brilliant guy doing great things. Seasoned legends of the local industry like Sacha Sewell, Peter Darwin and Craig 'Scorp' Armstrong offer clear headed and insightful thoughts, ideas and strategies to help streamline and bring cohesion to different aspects of the industry. These guys have real 'hands on' music industry knowledge and a huge amount of experience.

Robbie Robertson (not that Robbie of The Band fame), who part owns and runs The Thebarton Theatre and Venuetix is a true music lovin' legend. I mean, Robbie has basically attended every single show of the past twenty years at Thebby. Of course I had to ask if he witnessed Kurt Cobain's generation defining outfit and, yes... of course he did. And yes, they were amazing.

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