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State Carers Policy: Background Paper on Aboriginal Carers

Dr Stephen Jenkins and Francesca Seith from Human Services Reform Branch in the Department of Human Services
State Government of South Australia (Unpublished)
Aboriginal Carers Background Paper  [MSWORD]  (63.5K)

This background paper refers to the former group, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are caring for a family member with chronic illness, disability, mental illness or substance abuse problems including addiction to alcohol and drugs, petrol, glue and paint sniffing. It provides an overview of the significant issues for these Carers and concludes with specific recommendations for inclusion in the State Carers Policy.

It is anticipated that the Policy will address key concerns highlighted by all South Australian Carers, including their desire for greater recognition and a more appropriate range of services to address their needs.


Dr Stephen Jenkins (website)
Human Services Reform Branch
Department of Human Services (now Department of Health)
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