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Domestic Violence and Women's Employment

Suzanne Franzway, Carole Zufferey and Donna Chung, University of South Australia
Presented at Our Work, Our Lives 2007: National Conference on Women and Industrial Relations,20 September 2007 - Friday, 21 September 2007
Our Work, Our Lives  [PDF]  (174.59K)

Our Work, Our Lives  [PDF]  (174.59K)

Domestic violence has a severe impact on women's paid employment. Little research exists in Australia that links the impact of domestic violence to paid work. This research project investigates the barriers and supports for women living with or escaping domestic violence whilst working or seeking employment. A qualitative action research methodology is used to identify responses by relevant agencies, including women's services, trade unions, health services, employers, job network and income support providers, in relation to women's experiences and to policy and the research literature. This paper will focus on the literature review, which provides a wide and comprehensive appraisal of literature in the areas of women, work and domestic violence, and how violence in the home can impact on women's employment and their economic futures.

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