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Early continuous assessment of cerebral fractional oxygen extraction for the identification of very preterm neonates at risk of acquired neonatal brain injury

The University of Adelaide
Channel 7 Children's Research Foundation
Dr Michael Stark

Project Summary

Approximately 22% infants born <32 weeks gestation develop intra- ventricular haemorrhage (IVH) per year in Australia with an annual societal cost of $350million. Clinical interventions have failed to prevent IVH with the major barrier to neuro-protection identifying the infants at highest risk. Early assessment of cerebral oxygen use in very preterm infants will provide clinicians with a sensitive, clinically useful means of identifying those infants at highest risk of brain injury, a critical first step in preventing the life-long consequences of these devastating sequelae of prematurity.

Dr Michael Stark (email)
NHMRC Health Professional Clinical Fellow
Women's Children's Hospital
The University of Adelaide
Business: 831 31325