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2013 -- 59 items
1 January Refining the timescale of human evolution and dispersal using ancient DNA [View
1 January New understanding of turbulent flames with soot and particulate fuels [View
1 January Recognising and reconstructing objects in real time from a moving camera [View
1 January Early continuous assessment of cerebral fractional oxygen extraction for the identification of very preterm neonates at risk of acquired neonatal brain injury
1 January Towards a fish oil-based omega-3 therapy for preventing bone loss during chronic methotrexate chemotherapy
1 January Identifying and resolving challenges to the effectiveness of collective apologies [View
1 January Reason and value in normative ethics [View
1 January The Eocene high latitude Australasian 'tropics' in a changing climate: resolving conflicting evidence [View
1 January A maternal low GI diet for improving offspring metabolic outcomes
1 January Examining the therapeutic potential of targeting the MDMX oncogene for the treatment of childhood sarcomas [View
1 January Understanding the vesicle release mechanisms that regulate peripheral serotonin levels [View
1 January Taking nature's lead in the development of new and improved enzyme inhibitors [View
1 January Reconstructing the impact of climate change on Australian native species [View
1 January Can attentional re-training reduce food cravings and consumption? [View
1 January Resilient ageing and the oldest-old in the Australian longitudinal study of ageing [View
1 January Advanced planning systems for vertically integrated supply chain management [View
1 January Nanostructured non-precious metal and metal-free catalysts for sustainable clean energy generation [View
1 January Climate model validation and generation of probabilistic climate projections using data from
Phase 5 of the Climate Model Intercomparison Project
1 January Neural mechanisms for visual target detection and attention in complex scenes [View
1 January Unlocking the universe's high energy secrets with large scale neutrino detectors at the South
1 January What is the function of gamma-aminobutyric acid-gated anion channels in plants? [View
1 January The impact of a parent handbook for end-of-life decisions in critically ill children: a pilot qualitative study
1 January Construction of near optimal oscillatory regimes in singularly perturbed control systems via solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman inequalities [View
1 January Learning human activities through low cost, unobtrusive RFID technology [View
1 January Gendered violence and citizenship: the complex effects of intimate partner violence on mental health, housing and employment [View
1 January Developing novel data mining methods to reveal complex group relationships from heterogeneous data [View
1 January Generalised methods for testing extinction dynamics across geological, near and modern time scales [View
1 January Yeast cell-cell communication of overcrowding and nutrient limitation: novel signalling systems and their impact on fermentation [View
1 January Evaluation of a group program for siblings of children with special needs [View
1 January Can children with cerebral palsy improve their hand sensation using special haptic computer games? A randomised controlled trial.
1 January Shining the light on geometry of microstructured optical fibres [View
1 January Reducing respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) induced epithelial damage via the neutrophil moderator, feG [View
1 January Toddlers with depressed mothers: What are the consequences for adolescent mental health?
1 January The potential role of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in the faulty bony repair of injured growth plate [View
1 January Close to me: the effect of distractors on spatial attention in healthy and clinical populations [View
1 January Strategies for neural summation in space and time for night vision [View
1 January Resolving the mechanics of wind turbine noise production [View
1 January The truth about false memory [View
1 January Geometric transforms and duality [View
1 January Deep and smelly: exploring the roles of pressure and sulphur in hydrothermal metal transport [View
1 January Reconstructing wheat evolution using ancient DNA [View
1 January Does nurse home-visiting improvethe longer term health and wellbeing of mothers and children?
1 January What drives parasite spread through social networks: lessons from lizards [View
1 January Advances in Index Theory [View
1 January Preferential transmission of the mutant allele(s) of the ARX homeobox gene.
1 January Step up'-a pedometer based physical activity self-management program for adolescents with physical disability
1 January Cellular and Molecular Mechanism of Bone Pain Associated With Childhood Chemotherapy [View
1 January Improved image analysis: maximised statistical use of geometry/shape constraints [View
1 January The role of a Type I secretion system in Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm formation [View
1 January Foundations for future wireless networks [View
1 January Mechanisms of sound absorption at the nanoscale [View
1 January Self-assembling nanoporous graphene with dialable pore sizes for green energy production [View
1 January State-trace analysis: theory and application
1 January Nanocrystals in glass: a new nanophotonic material [View
1 January G-expectation and its applications to nonlinear risk management [View
1 January Challenging econometric issues in nonlinear high-dimensional spatio-temporal prediction:
theory and applications
1 January Gene identification in Congenital Cataract using high throughput sequencing technology
1 January The importance of cell-to-cell interactions in juvenile (Type I)Diabetes
2012 -- 11 items