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2012 -- 36 items
1 January A Diagnostics Platform for Advanced Plasma-Chemical Analysis [View
1 January Trust makers, breakers and brokers: building trust in the Australian food system [View
1 January Enhanced Powder X-Ray Diffraction Capabilities for South Australia [View
1 January Multi-Purpose Facility for Enhanced Complex Ore Beneficiation and Waste Material Recycling [View
1 January Stable Isotope Analysis of Environmental and Physiological Samples [View
1 January Temperate trophic cascades: impacts of seal foraging on benthic community dynamics [View
1 January Funding our future: perceptions of the value of financial planning advice [View
1 January Conservation management of the endangered Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard [View
1 January Enhancing stress tolerance in plants by manipulation of properties of stress responsive transcription factors [View
1 January Towards a cost-effective therapy for osteoporosis using Australian indigenous emu oil [View
1 January The development of a potent new passive immunotherapeutic for the treatment and prevention of bacterial sepsis and septic shock

1 January Hostel stories: toward a richer narrative of the lived experiences of migrants [View
1 January Seascape genetics for shark management: an innovation in sustainable fisheries modelling [View
1 January Effects of fire on the reproductive ecology of terrestrial orchids and on their pollinators in fragmented landscapes of southern Australia [View
1 January Developing DNA tracking methods to identify illegally logged timber products from Africa [View
1 January An ethnographic study of obesity risk in a disadvantaged community [View
1 January Play it again: creating a playable history of Australasian digital games, for industry, community and research purposes [View
1 January Smart Bungs for wine monitoring [View
1 July An integrated tool for informing pest management: modelling range shifts for an invasive vertebrate in response to climate change [View
1 July Evolution and biogeography of Australian idiopid trapdoor spiders: implications for conservation biology and environmental assessment [View
1 July Root distribution and salinity and soil water dynamics in a chenopod shrubland: implications for restoration ecology [View
1 July Green cool wine: solar powered solid adsorption refrigeration system with ice storage to provide cooling capability for wine industry [View
1 July Scalable classification for massive datasets: randomised algorithms [View
1 July A single vaccine for influenza and pneumonia [View
1 July A single vaccine for influenza and pneumonia [View
1 July From organo-mineral nanocomposite to Australian basins; an integrated approach to unconventional gas exploration and development [View
1 July The impact of institutional pressure on the management of organisational gender diversity [View
1 July Bad tastes, odours and toxins in our drinking water reservoirs: are benthic cyanobacteria the culprits? [View
1 July High power density, low cogging torque and low-cost micro-scale wind turbine generator system utilising soft magnetic composite materials [View
1 July Cosmopolitan development: the impacts of international volunteering [View
1 July Development and evaluation of novel antibacterial coatings [View
1 July Electrochemical biosensors for detection of cardiac disease markers in blood [View
1 July Identifying cost-effective reforestation approaches for biodiversity conservation and carbon sequestration in southern Australia [View
1 July Public and ethical responses to mandated alcohol warning labels about increased long-term risk of cancer [View