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1 January Motor Cortex Facilitation During Speech Listening in Children Born Preterm. [View
1 January Retirement Activity Planning: A Randomised Controlled Trial [View
1 January The Genomics of Adaptation to Environmental Change in an Ecologically Important Non-Model Aquatic Organism [View
1 January Discovering the Fundamental Metrics of Political Behaviour: African Americans and their White Neighbours in an Era of Revolutionary Change. [View
1 January Advanced Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation for the Analysis of Highly Complex Systems [View
1 January Combined Child are and Preschool: What Level of Participation is needed to Improve School Readiness for Disadvantaged Children? [View
1 January Primary Producers; Morphological Flexibility Under Environmental Constraints. [View
1 January Comparative Paleogenomics of the Arctic Tundra Ecosystem: The Genetic Response of Plants and Animals to Climate Change. [View
1 January The History and Mechanisms of Modern Migration: The British Case 1780-1914 [View
1 January History, Transport, or Temperature: Solving the Riddle of Australia's Temperate Marine Biodiversity. [View
1 January Parasite Transmission Through Social Networks in the Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard [View
1 January Electrowetting as a Tool for Measuring the Surface Energy of Solids [View
1 January Computer Vision from a Multi-Structural Analysis Framework. [View
1 January Exploring Predictors of Physical Activity Attrition and Maintenance Among Females in Early Adolescence [View
1 January The Impact of Obesity on the Pharmacokinetics of Paracetamol in the Paediatric Population [View
1 January Improving Chronic Disease Outcomes for Indigenous Australians: Causes, Interventions, System Change [View
1 January Changing Perspective: Using Fish Ear Bones to Counteract the Shifting Baseline Syndrome. [View
1 January Excitation Spectra of Quantum Chromodynamics. [View
1 January Huntingtin-Associated Protein 1 Controls Cell Communication. [View
1 January New Bar Encoded Polymer Microbeads for Multiplexed Bioanalysis-a-Quick and High-Throughput Approach for Complex Disease Diagnosis. [View
1 January Road Rules for Traffic on DNA - Gene Regulation by Encounters Between Transcribing RNA Polymerases and DNA Bound Proteins [View
1 January Profiling Lymphocyte Populations and Lymphocytic MicroRNAs in Children with Nephrotic Syndrome [View
1 January Does Nurse Home Visiting Improve Infant Development in Rural and Remote Regions? [View
1 January New Methods for Improving Active Adaptive Management in Biological Systems. [View
1 January Molecular Dynamics of Steroid Receptor Crosstalk. [View
1 January The Meaning of Work, Well-Being and the Changing Terms, Times and Spaces of Service Sector Jobs [View
1 January The Provision of Education to Migrants and Refugees: A Longitudinal Study of Newly Arrived Students' Experiences of Education in Australia. [View
1 January Iron Isotope Variation in Subduction Magmas: Links to Fluid Flux and Oxidation of the Mantle Wedge? [View
1 January The Physiology of Biome Shifts and Macroevolutionary change: How Did Australian Skinks Colonise the Arid Zone so Successfully? [View
1 January Blocking the Programming of Childhood Obesity by Maternal High Fat Feeding: A Role for Omega-3 Fatty Acids? - SECOND YEAR [View
1 January Do maternal and infant obesity related genotypes influence efficacy of interventions to limit weight gain in obese pregnant women and obesity in their offspring? [View
1 January Enhanced Brain and Muscle Signal Separation Verified by Electrical Scalp Recordings from Paralysed Awake Humans [View
1 January Nanoscale Characterisation of the Dynamics of Artificial Lipid Membranes - Model Systems for Drug Binding Studies. [View
1 January Metal-Organic Frameworks as Heterogeneous Catalytic Systems. [View
1 January Ultrafast, Near Infrared Laser Sources Using Fibre-based Optical Parametric Oscillators. [View
1 January What Shall We Have for Tea? Toward a New Discourse of Food Ethics in Contemporary Australia. [View
1 January Functional Characterisation of Contaminant-Nanoparticle Associations [View
1 January Evolution and Function of Sex Chromosomes and Genes in Mammalian Reproduction. [View
1 January Added Depth: Automated High Level Image Interpretation. [View
1 January Evolution in Tooth and Claw: Exploring the Relationship Between the Radiation of Marsupial Herbivores and Late Cenozoic Climate Change. [View
1 January Mapping the Developmental Trajectories of Foster Families. [View
1 January Novel Computational Tools for the Analysis of Sympathetic Nervous System Activity. [View
1 January Improved Models of Nanoporous Carbons for Greater Fundamental Insight and Better Sustainable Technology. [View
1 January Nanoparticle Adsorption at Air-Water Interfaces for Foam Stabilization [View
1 January Enhanced Mixing of Turbulent Jet Flames via Side Lateral Injection. [View
1 January Why is the Peribacteroid Membrane Transcription Factor SAT1 Required for Legume Nitrogen Fixation and What is its Role in Other Symbiotic Systems? [View
1 January Carbon Sequestration by Mineral Surface Area as a Feedback to Climate Warming in a Greenhouse Ocean. [View
1 January How are Beliefs Altered by Data? Robust Bayesian Models for Human Inductive Learning. [View
1 January Interactions Between Cells and Extracellular Matrix in the Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition of the Ovarian Follicular Stratified Epithelium. [View
1 January Internet Traffic Matrix Synthesis. [View
1 January Supersymmetric Quantum Field theory, Topology and Duality. [View
1 January Ultraviolet, Visible and Infrared Spectroscopic Ellipsometers for Advanced Materials and Device Characterisation [View
1 January Can Controlled Consumption of Non-Allergic Nuts Benefit Children with Nut Allergy? A Randomised Controlled Study. [View
1 January Preservation of Female Fertility For Young Cancer Patients: The Importance of Fatty Acid Oxidation in a 3-D Ovarian Follicle Culture System [View
1 January Placental PPAR Pathways and Respiratory Morbidity Following Preterm Birth [View
1 January Climate Change and Migration in China: Theoretical, Empirical and Policy Dimensions. [View
1 January Synthesis and Characterisation of Cadmium-Free Quantum Dots [View
1 January New Methods for Integrating Population Structure and Stochasticity into Models of Disease Dynamics. [View
1 January Investigation of Recognition Memory in Behavioural, Electrophysiological, and Functional Neuro Imaging Domains Using State Trace Analysis. [View
1 January Mine, Yours, Theirs, and Ours: Examining the Tension Between Private and Community Interests in Property. [View
1 January The Rational Design and Construction of New Genetic Circuits for Applications in Synthetic Biology. [View
1 January Understanding the Inflammatory Basis of Mastitis [View
1 January Studying Privacy Protection Methods for Multiple Independent Data Releases [View
1 January Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Critical Care Data, with Application to the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Database. [View
1 January Shared Laser Facility [View
1 January Enhancement of South Australian High-Performance Computing Facilities [View
1 January Structural and Functional Investigations of the Human Transcription Machinery by Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry. [View
1 January A Powerful New Genetic View of the Recent Evolutionary History of Humans and Their Diseases. [View
1 January Stochastic Modelling of Fractures in Crystalline Rock Masses for Hot Dry Rock Enhanced Geothermal Systems [View
1 January Banning Ideas, Burning Books: The Dynamics of Censorship in Classical Antiquity. [View
1 January High Performance Electron Microprobe Analyser Optimised for the Microanalysis of Sulphides and Heavy Elements [View
1 January Toll Like Receptor Signalling as a Mediator of Sex Differences in Pain, Opioid and Alcohol Action. [View
1 January The Role of Manganese in the Virulence and Pathogenicity of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa - SECOND YEAR [View
1 January Non Invasive Rapid Plant Phenotyping for Root Architecture in Soil and Acquisition of Micro-Nutrients [View
1 January Reconstructing the Human Colonisation of the Pacific Using Modern and Ancient Chicken DNA. [View