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2011 -- 27 items
4 January Combined Child Care and Preschool: What Level of Participation is Needed to Improve School Readiness for Disadvantaged Children? [View
4 January Can Controlled Consumption of Non-allergic Nuts Benefit Children with Nut Allergy? A Randomised Controlled Study. [View
4 January Preventing Insulin Resistance and Obesity Following Fetal Growth Restriction with Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA). [View
4 January Preservation of Female Fertility for Young Cancer Patients: The Importance of Fatty Acid Oxidation in a 3-D Ovarian Follicle Culture System [View
4 January Understanding the Inflammatory Basis of Mastitis [View
4 January The Role of Manganese in the Virulence and Pathogenicity of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa - SECOND YEAR [View
4 January Blocking the Programming of Childhood Obesity by Maternal High Fat Feeding: A Role for Omega-3 Fatty Acids? - SECOND YEAR [View
4 January Motor Cortex Facilitation During Speech Listening in Children Born Preterm. [View
4 January Profiling Lymphocyte Populations and Lymphocytic MicroRNAs in Children with Nephrotic Syndrome [View
4 January E-health Communication Strategy and Design: Evaluating the Influence of New Media Interventions on the Health of Patients from Vulnerable Populations [View
4 January Creating Better Pathways into Civic Participation for Young Homeless People through Sustainable Accommodation and support Program Models [View
4 January Novel Vibro-Acoustic Technologies for Detecting Bearing and Wheel Defects in Rail Vehicles [View
4 January Imaging Mass Spectrometry (IMS), a Peptide Biomarker Discovery Tool Using Tissue [View
4 January Understanding and Predicting Submarine Hydrofoil Noise [View
4 January Stopping the Run-around: Comorbidity Action in the North (CAN) [View
4 January Punish Them or Engage Them? Identifying and Addressing Productive and Unproductive Student Behaviours in South Australian Schools [View
4 January Quantifying the Effect of Nutrient-Gene Interaction in Utero in Key Tissues Instrumental to Productivity and Sustainability of the Beef Industry [View
4 January Improving the Diagnostic Accuracy of Detecting Functional Decline in Older People Discharged from Hospital Emergency Departments [View
4 January Nanostructured Anticorrosive Coating for Wave Energy Conversion Module [View
4 January Paving the Way: An Experimental Approach to the Mathematical Modelling and Design of Permeable Pavements [View
4 January Saving Energy on Trains - Demonstration, Evaluation, Integration [View
4 January Mapping the Health Promoting Capacity of Art Centres on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands [View
4 January Techniques for Active Conceptual Modelling and Guided Data Mining for Rapid Knowledge Discovery [View
4 January Conservation Management of the Endangered Skink Liopholis Slateri [View
4 January Re-considering Sustainable Building and Design: A Cultural Change Approach [View
4 January Do Maternal and Infant Obesity Related Genotypes Influence Efficacy of Interventions to Limit Weight Gain in Obese Pregnant Women and Obesity in their Offspring? - SECOND YEAR [View
4 January Species and Gene Turnover Across Environmental Gradients - A Landscape-level Approach to Quantify Biodiversity and Resilience for Climate Adaptation [View
2010 -- 95 items
1 January Archaeology in the Long Grass: Understanding Contact Through the Analysis of Urban Aboriginal Fringe Camps [View
1 January Nutrient Therapies for Preserving Bone Growth and Preventing Chemotherapy-induced Bone Loss in Early Development [View
1 January People, Pumps and Pipes: A Social Study of Change in the Collaborative Supply of Irrigation Services [View
1 January State, Organisational, and Team Interventions to Build Psychosocial Safety Climate Using the Australian Workplace Barometer and the Stress Cafe [View
1 January Microchip Impedance Biosensor for Biomedical Diagnostics [View
1 January Materials Engineering Solutions for Tomorrow's Water Resources [View
1 January Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Micronutrients on Learning and Behaviour of Indigenous Australian Children from a Remote Community School [View
1 January Helping Retail Employees Deal with Threatening Situations at Work: Coping with Acute and Chronic Stressors [View
1 January Development of Innovative Technologies for Oil Production Based on the Advanced Theory of Suspension Flows in Porous Media [View
1 January Adaptive Capabilities in the Elderly During Extreme Heat Events in South Australia
1 January Establishing Baseline Ecological Conditions for the Lower Lakes, South Australia: the Applications of Palaeoecology to Sustainable Resource Management [View
1 January Novel Technologies for Biodiesel Production from Meat Processing Waste Streams [View
1 January Linking Fish Recruitment and Habitat Use to Ecosystem Processes [View
1 January Image Search for Simulator Content Creation [View
1 January Real-time Special Effects in Live Video [View
1 January The Adequacy and Sustainability of Self-managed Superannuation Funds: Governance, Performance, Asset Allocation, Fee Structure and Compliance [View
1 January Archaeology in the Long Grass: A Study of Aboriginal Fringe Camp Sites in the Urban Hinterland Around Darwin, Australia [View
1 January Identifying the Bad Guy with Deadlined Confidence Judgments [View
1 January Behavioural Syndromes and Social Networks in Sleepy Lizards [View
1 January Motility as a Means to Understand Prokaryotic Function in the Biosphere [View
1 January The Geomicrobiology and (Bio)Geochemistry of Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium [View
1 January Courts, the Judiciary and Social Change [View
1 January Understanding Employee-Employer Relationships During Bridge Employment: A Psychological Contract Perspective [View
1 January Shape Controlled Nanostructured Electrocatalyst for Clean Energy Generation [View
1 January Molecular and Generic Studies of Congenital Cataract [View
1 January Randomised Trial to Limit Weight Gain in Overweight and Obese Women During Pregnancy: Effects on Fetal Growth (Second Year Funding) [View
1 January Macrophage-Remodelling of the Uterine Epithelium for Pregnancy Success (Second Year Funding) [View
1 January The Role of Manganese in the Virulence and Pathogenicity of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. [View
1 January Do Maternal and Infant Obesity Related Genotypes Influence Efficacy of Interventions to Limit Weight Gain in Obese Pregnant Women and Obesity in Their Offspring? [View
1 January Does Nurse Home Visiting Improve Infant Development in Rural and Remote Regions? [View
1 January Lipotoxicity Mediated Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Apoptosis Cause Poor Oocyte Development During Obesity [View
1 January Role of the Brain Water Channel Aquaporin-4 in Development and Epilepsy [View
1 January Intrauterine Growth Restriction and the Programming of Insulin Resistance [View
1 January Maternal Obesity and the Pathway to Childhood Obesity [View
1 January Blocking the Programming of Childhood Obesity by Maternal High Fat Feeding: A Role for Omega-3 Fatty Acids? [View
1 January A Randomised Controlled Trial Assessing the Effects of a School-Based Sleep Intervention in Year 6 and 7 Students. [View
11 January A New Flood Design Methodology for a Variable and Changing Climate [View
11 January Negotiating a Space in the Nation: The Case of Ngarrindjeri [View
11 January A New Angle on the Coalescence of Drops [View
11 January Perturbation and Approximation Methods for Linear Operators with Applications to Train Control, Water Resource Management and Evolution of Physical Systems [View
11 January Working Against Type: Stereotype Threat Effects on Mature Age Workers [View
11 January Periodic Nano-ratchets: A New Paradigm for Biomolecule Separation [View
11 January Communication and Information Storage Mechanisms in Complex Dynamical Brain Networks [View
11 January Energy Dissipation and Nanoscale Processes at Moving Contact Lines [View
11 January Dynamic Vulnerability of Urban Road Networks [View
11 January Deformable Surfaces Supporting 3D Tactile Human Computer Interactions [View
11 January Improving Extensible Markup Language (XML) Data Quality Using XML Integrity Constraints [View
11 January Composite Conductive Electrodes for Low Energy Desalination [View
11 January Fibre Sensors with Subwavelength Features in the Terahertz Radiation (T-ray) Regime [View
11 January Modelling the Capillary Entrapment Phenomena and Integrity of Geological Reservoirs for Clean Energy, Water and Waste Management Technologies [View
11 January Tracking Targets in Large Scale Surveillance Camera Networks [View
11 January The Mechanics of Quiet Airfoils [View
11 January Range Dynamics and Demographics of Spatially Structured Populations Under Global Change [View
11 January New Estimation and Testing Issues in Nonlinear Time Series Econometrics [View
11 January A Shipload of Consequences: Studying the Impact of Old World Diseases on Native South American Populations Via Ancient DNA [View
11 January Three-dimensional Magnetotelluric and Controlled-source Electromagnetic Modelling and Inversion in Isotropic and Anisotropic Media with Gaussian Quadrature Grids [View
11 January Circular Migration in Asia, the Pacific and Australia: Empirical, Theoretical and Policy Dimensions [View
11 January A Modelling Challenge: Bridging the Gap Between Molecular and Neuronal Networks [View
11 January Non-classical Steroid Signalling Through SF-1 Responsive Genes: A Key Mechanism in Environmental Endocrine Disruption, Cancer, and Aging [View
11 January How Do Legumes Improve Phosphorus Uptake of the Following Wheat? [View
11 January Structural and Functional Characterisation of PI3Kgamma, Uniquely Activated by p101 [View
11 January Computational Intelligence Methods for Financial Applications [View
11 January New Words for New Things: Formal and Substantive Aspects in the Development of the Pitkern-Norf'k Language [View
11 January Detailed Understanding of the Behaviour of Soot in, and Emission from, Turbulent Flames and Fires [View
11 January The Rule of Law in History and Memory: Australian and Canadian Settler Frontiers [View
11 January Experimental Studies on Hydrothermal Reaction Processes at the Molecular Level: The Role of Mineral Replacement Reactions in Ore Formation [View
11 January Novel Mass Spectrometric Approaches to the Study of Protein-Protein Interactions [View
11 January The Response of the Middle Atmosphere to Solar and Dynamical Forcing [View
11 January Revealing Cosmic-Ray Accelerators with Gamma-Ray and Millimetre Radio Observations [View
11 January Cell-free Immune Reactions and Suppression [View
11 January The Distortion of Eyewitness Identification Testimony [View
11 January Frequency Domain Micro-Reflection Processing for Pipe Condition Assessment [View
11 January Characterisation of PQ Loop Proteins in Plants: Are They Voltage Insensitive Nonselective Cation Channels? [View
11 January Aquaporins in Roots: Resolving Observations Linking Them to Diverse Processes in Water Relations and Plant Productivity [View
11 January Understanding the Effects of News Shocks on Macroeconomic Fluctuations [View
11 January Single Minded 1 in Neuron Development and Satiety Signalling [View
11 January Terahertz Metamaterials for Molecular Sensing [View
1 July Work, Life and Sustainable Living: How Work, Household and Community Life Interact to Affect Environmental Behaviours and Outcomes [View
1 July Restoration Genetics of Five Endangered Fish Species from the Murray-Darling Basin [View
1 July Evaluation of Peanuts as a Source of Bioactive Nutrients for Enhancement of Endothelial Function and Cognitive Performance [View
1 July The Effective Treatment of Drug Using Offenders: The Impact of Treatment Modality, Coercion and Treatment Readiness on Criminal Recidivism [View
1 July Renewing the Teaching Profession in Regional Areas through Community Partnerships [View
1 July Biodiversity and Population Genetics of Groundwater Calcrete Ecosystems of Central Western Australia [View
1 July Managing Uncertainty in RFID Traceability Networks [View
1 July Autoconfiguration of Critical Network Infrastructure [View
1 July Development of Biosensors and Bioindicators for Gold Exploration and Processing in Australia [View
1 July Energy from Microalgae: Industrial Scale Development and Downstream Processing of Co-products [View
1 July Constraining Conditions and Timing of Orogeny and Reworking in the West Musgrave Province [View
1 July Ultrasound for Control of Cyanobacteria [View
1 July Development of a Diagnostic Microarray to Detect Aneuploidy in Single Cells [View
1 July Optimising Intersectoral Collaboration Between the Health and Education Sectors [View
1 July Intergenerational Transmission of Dietary Behaviour [View
1 July New Silane Anti-corrosion Coatings for Steel Surfaces [View
1 July Day-to-day Life of Adults After Age 85: The Interplay of Mood, Engagement, Cognition and Health in the Context of Prior Functioning [View
1 July Collection of Coarse, Composite Particles by Bubbles in Flotation [View