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1 January Indigenous mental health in remote communities: Applying a contextual model of community research and intervention
1 January Adaptive Broadband Wireless Communication [View
1 January Reconstructing Past Population Dynamics to Understand Human and Climatic Impacts in Prehistory
1 January Molecular Structure and Transport Properties of Hydrothermal Fluids Under Extreme Conditions: Near Critical, High Salinity, High Pressure and High Volatile Contents [View
1 January Structured Moral Pluralism [View
1 January Particle Astrophysics With the Pierre Auger Observatory [View
1 January Single and Dual Process Models of Recognition Memory: Reconciliation of Behavioural, Electrophysiological, and Neuroimaging Data
1 January Dynamic Risk Measures [View
1 January Material Structure and Properties of Mineralised Tissue: An Integrated Micro and Nano Level Investigation
1 January Topological Optimisation of Fluid Mixing [View
1 January Earthquake Protection of Masonry Buildings Using Fibre Reinforced Polymer Strengthening [View
1 January The Geochemistry of Tellurium in Hydrothermal Environments and The Gold Tellurium Association [View
1 January The Role of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide in Fostering Hyperdiversity in Australian Conifer Palaeofloras [View
1 January Compressional Deformation and Uplift of Australia's Passive Southern Margin [View
1 January Omega 3 Fats in Vegetable Oils: Improving Their Benefits [View
1 January Insights Into Macroevolution Using a Model Adaptive Radiation of Lizards (Lerista) [View
1 January The Fate and Toxicity of Nanoparticles in the Terrestrial Environment [View
1 January Foundations for a Cognitive Biology [View
1 January Population Ageing, Labour Mobility and Sustainability of China's Economic Growth- A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis [View
1 January Enhancement of Monopartite Geminivirus Pathogenicity by Satellite DNA Beta Encoded BetaC1 Protein: The Role of Host Factors [View
1 January The Aeronomy of the Atmosphere Between 50 and 110 Km [View
1 January A Platform for Rapid and Flexible Development of Context Aware Web Services [View
1 January Towards Scalable, Internet Based RFID Traceability Networks [View
1 January Innovative Grid Connected, Small Scale Wind Turbine Generators Offering Low Cost and Wide Operating Speed Range [View
1 January A New Conceptualization of Forgiveness: Altruistic and Self Interested Foci as Predictors of Psychological Costs and Benefits of Forgiveness [View
1 January Single Minded 2: Cross Coupling or Specificity Within the bHLH/PAS Transcription Factor Family? [View
1 January Lizard Social Networks and the Spread of Parasites [View
1 January Food and Trust [View
1 January Australian Global Identities: Images of Globalization, Transnationalism and Individualism Among New Expatriates [View
1 January Creating a Comprehensive International Law of Sustainable Energy: The Contribution of Law to Sustainable Development and Climate Change
1 January Political Economy of Distortions to Global Agricultural Markets [View
1 January Chemical Fingerprinting for Geological and Geographical Provenancing of Ochre Minerals used by Australian Aboriginals [View
1 January The prevalence and cross cultural comparison of daytime sleepiness in adolescents [View
1 January How Individual and Societal Resources Contribute to Ageing Well through the Fourth
Age: The Australian Longitudinal Study of Ageing
1 January Mapping the movies: the changing nature of Australia's cinema circuits and their
audiences 1956 1984
1 January Improving eyewitness identification accuracy using free report lineups [View
1 January Voice over Internet Protocol: Privacy and Electronic Evidence Implications [View
1 January When and why forgiveness promotes justice [View
1 January Transition from school to work: A 10 year longitudinal study of unemployment,
underemployment, social exclusion, and mental health in young people
1 January Restructuring the male breadwinner model: New challenges for a rapidly changing
Project Title Australia
1 January Research Utilisation in Child Protection Policy: Understanding and Conceptualising the
Role of Research in Social Policy Development
1 January The prediction of sleep/wake behaviour based on physiological and social factors [View
1 January Extreme Weather and Population Health in Australia: Risk Assessment, Prediction of Health Impacts and Disease Burden, and Adaptive Strategy Exploration
15 January How viewers learn about new TV programs: the influence of TV promotions and Word-of-mouth [View
15 January Nanotechnology-Enhanced Vaccines: New inulin bioconjugates to defeat global pandemic
1 July Translocation as a Conservation Strategy for the Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard [View
1 July Unlocking the grid: The future of the electricity distribution network [View
1 July Exploring resilience in relation to physical activity and dietary behaviours among children from neighbourhoods of low socioeconomic position
1 July Impact of recycled and low quality process water on sustainable mineral processing practices
1 July Addressing the teacher exodus: Enhancing early career teacher resilience and retention in changing times
1 July An integrated model for the assessment of urban sustainability [View
1 July Managing diversity: Diversity practice configurations and organisational effectiveness [View
1 July Priority setting in Child Protection: Developing an evidence based strategy to reduce child abuse and neglect and associated harms
1 July Development and implementation of an evidence based primary health care workforce planning model to support best practice chronic disease management
1 July The potential role of transit oriented development in Australian cities: A critical assessment using a suburban rail corridor
1 July Cell type specific transgene expression to increase Fe content in cereal grains [View
1 July Development of a gene delivery system to access neuronal cells [View
1 July Sediment capture and deposition processes in coastal lagoons [View
1 July Blast resistance of flexural ultra high performance concrete members [View
16 July Evaluating the long term costs and benefits of community based initiatives [View