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Nursing job cuts 'breach promise': SA Opposition

Tuesday, 1 October 2013
Author: ABC News
Nursing jobs will go through attrition, said SA Health

Nursing jobs will go through attrition, said SA Health
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The Opposition says the South Australian Government has broken a promise to protect front-line health jobs.

SA Health confirmed to a parliamentary budget and finance committee on Monday that 200 nursing jobs were to go out of more than 600 full-time jobs cuts.

Opposition health spokesman Rob Lucas blamed economic mismanagement by the Government in such areas as overspending on new health computer systems.

He said front-line care should be the last area for any budget cuts in health.

"Clearly your priorities are, if you have a choice, is to ensure that you make your cuts to administration and back office areas rather than front-line services. It's really only your last choice where you start having to cut either doctors or nursing positions," he said.

SA Health said quality of care would not be affected by the loss of nursing positions.

Chief executive David Swan said efficiency reviews on the length of hospital stays would result in positions not being needed.

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