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Property Council calls on State Government to harness ideas from new citizens' jury to make Adelaide safe and vibrant

Thursday, 27 June 2013
Author: Tim Williams, City Messenger
Photo: News Limited

Photo: News Limited
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THE State Government must harness the findings of a new citizens' jury to turn an endless stream of reports on the future of Adelaide into a definitive action plan, the Property Council says.

The call comes as selection of the 40-person jury, set to deliberate on how to make Adelaide both vibrant and safe, is finalised.

The jury follows a long line of City Council and State Government-commissioned reports weighing into the vibrancy debate, some running to hundreds of pages and with as many recommendations.

Property Council SA executive director Nathan Paine said Adelaide had "plans on plans" but not enough action.

"We are a city that plans exceptionally well but seems to underdeliver," he said.

"Quite often we lose the will or miss the timing to do what needs to be done.

"Elected leaders who commission these plans need to listen to the people who pay them to deliver them."

Mr Paine said the citizens' jury model had "a lot of weight and power" because "it's what people want, not necessarily what consultants want".

"It's time to pick a course of action and stick to it and become the state we can be," he said.

The council's Adelaide Fine Grain report released last month, was in part an attempt to distil the findings of 10 previous studies on the future of Adelaide.

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