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30-year woodland trial underway at Monarto

Thursday, 13 June 2013
Author: Marketing and Communications Office, The University of Adelaide

"We need to start restoring woodland areas of the Mount Lofty Ranges," says Project Leader Professor Corey Bradshaw, from the University's Environment Institute.

"Across Australia we've lost 40% of our forest cover, but in the Mount Lofty Ranges we've lost 90% and the fragments that are left are so small that they don't provide adequate habitats for native fauna. We've already lost about 130 species of plants and animals and there are major extinctions to come.

"What we are asking is how many different species - and in what densities - are required to restore a native woodland from an over-grazed paddock, to provide the biggest long-term biodiversity and carbon benefits simultaneously for the lowest cost."

Professor Bradshaw said the new carbon economy should provide opportunities for better land management and restoration.

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Professor Corey Bradshaw (email)
Environment Institute
University of Adelaide
Business: (08) 8313 5842