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Future of feeder bus routes in question

Tuesday, 12 March 2013
Author: Liam Mannix, Indaily

TRANSPORT head Rod Hook says the focus of the public transport system should move away from feeder bus routes near people's doors towards more services on main routes, supported by park-and-ride facilities.

"I think our infrastructure has got to be geared more to providing major thoroughfares to public transport which people access," Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure CEO Hook told Indaily.

"A theory that we can continue to run public transport where you have a bus within 500 metres of your home probably isn't a good service because the service frequency is not great."

However, the proposed change in direction has raised further questions about the ability of older people and other disadvantaged groups to access public transport.

Indaily's transport frequency map (link on page 1) shows the further people live from the city the less chance there is of a frequent bus service being located nearby.

The map graphically represents the amount of services that run past each of Adelaide's 7453 public transport stops.

The map indicates that people living in Adelaide's outer suburbs, particularly the north, often live a long way from high-frequency public transport routes.

As people living in those suburbs began to age, lower public transport provision would become a serious problem, predicted Director of the Australian Population and Migration Research Centre at the University of Adelaide Professor Graeme Hugo.

"People who moved into the outer suburbs 30 years ago, 40 years ago, are ageing in place," Hugo told Indaily.

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