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State Government has no budget to demolish Royal Adelaide Hospital

Monday, 11 March 2013
Author: AdelaideNow
Photo: AdelaideNow

Photo: AdelaideNow
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DEVELOPERS will be invited to take over the old Royal Adelaide Hospital as the State Government admits it has not budgeted for the demolition and has no firm plans for the site.

Inquiries by The Advertiser have revealed the Government is modelling the cost of future options for the site, which include paying $1 million a year to maintain empty buildings.

Patients and the 5500-person workforce at the existing East End city hospital will be shifted to the old railyards site at the western end of North Terrace when the $2.1 billion new facility opens in 2016.

Health and Ageing Minister Jack Snelling yesterday admitted the Government had not budgeted for the unknown cost of demolishing the old hospital, and warned the bill would be "huge".

Mr Snelling agreed an expansion of nearby University of Adelaide, medical training facilities, public gardens, open space and luxury hotel or housing developments were all options for the site.

"The (Health) department, at the moment, are looking at costs," he said yesterday. "The cost of decommissioning the site, just turning everything off, and then maintaining it is significant.

"If we need to demolish any of those buildings, it's going to be very significant. It's in the millions of dollars for the shutdown and then it's about $1 million a year, we estimate, just to maintain the site."

Mr Snelling said discovery of asbestos would further increase cost and he could not rule out a demolition charge in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

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