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Liberals promise transport plan

Wednesday, 20 February 2013
Author: David Washington, Indaily

THE South Australian Liberals have promised to produce a State transport plan if they win government next year.

The Liberals' have also indicated support for "medium density" development in the inner-city rim suburbs with increased public transport, including a ring-route service around the inner city.

Labor's long-serving former transport minister Patrick Conlon refused to produce a transport plan and new minister Tom Koutsantonis says he agrees with Conlon's view that a special transport plan is not needed.

Liberal deputy leader and transport spokesperson Vickie Chapman told Indaily that the Liberals would take a promise to develop a transport plan to the next election.

She said the transport plan should have 10-year and 30-year goals for South Australia's transport system.

The government argues that its 30-year Plan for Greater Adelaide is sufficient, despite the fact that it's essentially a technical land-use planning document - not an overall vision for transport in South Australia.

"You can't just have a planning document," Chapman said. "It's like saying you're going to have a roof on a house without detailing what's going to be in it."

Chapman said the Liberal's plan would be publicly available, regularly reviewed and open to public comment.

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