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What are festivals really worth?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013
Author: Marketing and Communications, Flinders University
Adelaide Festival Centre (From Shutterstock)

Adelaide Festival Centre (From Shutterstock)
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The true value of the 2013 Adelaide Festival to the community and the state will be studied by a team of international experts led by Flinders University.

The Cultural Value Research Project (CVRP) will survey Festival-goers and members of the general public alike to determine how they value the Festival in terms of its contribution to the State's reputation, as well their sense of identity and wellbeing.

Flinders University's Head of Tourism and CVRP team leader, Dr Steve Brown, said the project will, for the first time, put a dollar value on culture beyond the purely economic.

"The 'economic multiplier' effect of festivals - how they boost revenue to the aviation, hotel, tourism and hospitality sectors, for example - is well-established. But the value of the Adelaide Festival's contribution to the social fabric of the State has never been measured," Dr Brown said.

"Since its inception in 1960, the Adelaide Festival has been an integral part of our identity. Its value to the marketing of the State is recognised. Now, we want to measure the feeling of wellbeing and the 'pride' South Australians derive from the Festival and put a dollar value on it," he said.

Adelaide Festival Chief Executive Karen Bryant said that it "is incredibly useful for us to be able to quantify the culture value of our festival to the community we serve".

"We'e thrilled to be participating in one of the first studies using this ground-breaking research," she said.

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