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Dark days over: Harris Scarfe plans 30 new stores

Thursday, 7 February 2013
Author: Melissa Mack, Indaily

HARRIS Scarfe has found its way out of the rabbit warren to pitch itself to a new younger fashion conscious market, with plans to expand by up to 30 stores nationwide.

The new Rundle Place flagship store is set to open on March 26, touted as the beginning of a "new future" for the company which is expecting to grow from 50 to 80 stores in the next five years.

General manager Joe Barberis said Harris Scarfe had been dormant on the department store scene.

"We've had some downs, 10-12 years ago as many of you would remember, but from those ashes is rising a new phoenix evolving very much into what we think will be Australia's preferred department store in the next few years," Barberis said.

"We've probably flown under the radar in the Australian retail environment the last few years but our success rate in terms of profit growth, sales growth, employment growth puts us ahead of all those major department stores."

The re-branding of the store, which will focus on a lower case "hs" logo, is in line with the high-end development of Rundle Place.

Along with the flagship tenant, Rundle Place will also contain the first Apple store in Adelaide, high end fashion retailer Ted Baker, suit store Peter Jackson and Jones the Grocer.

The new Harris Scarfe will see bargain bins and paper discount flyers take a back seat to a boutique range of clothing and "fabulous" visual merchandise displays.

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