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Call to fast-track Port rejuvenation to off-set job losses on Le Fevre Peninsula

Thursday, 31 January 2013
Author: Lisa Bachmayer, Adelaidenow

THE revitalisation of Port Adelaide must be fast-tracked to help offset the pain of recent jobs losses, business and community leaders say.

They say plans to bring a government department to the Port and launch an aggressive marketing campaign must happen as soon as possible to spur an economic revival.

It follows 100 people on the Le Fevre Peninsula being made redundant over the past two weeks, while the employment of another 30 workers remains unclear.

Port Adelaide Enfield Mayor Gary Johanson urged the State Government to move one of its departments into the area as soon as possible.

He said the plan - floated as part of the Port Renewal Project last October - would boost the local economy.

"The government is in the box seat to ensure, where possible, that any employment opportunities are not lost in the Port," Mr Johanson said. "Government departments tend to use local services and visit local cafes for food and drink quite a bit."

Adelaide Business Hub general manager Lynette Hay backed the idea and said it was a "classic case where the government (could) assist in the short term".

"Those people will immediately start spending in the Port, going to buy lunch and having drinks on a Friday night," she said.

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