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Give us a say on park lands: inner city mayors

Monday, 7 January 2013
Author: Melissa Mack, Indaily

CITY rim council mayors say it is crucial for their communities to have a greater say in the Adelaide park lands, as the State Government moves to increase high density living.

"I firmly believe that every council which abuts the park lands should have some control over what happens in those park lands," Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne told Indaily.

"Most inner rim council residents use those park lands and, in some instances, our residents would use them in greater numbers than the residents in the city."

The Prospect and Burnside mayors have also called for more collaboration and input from their councils about the parklands as well as other issues including transport.

The calls echo recommendations last year from outgoing Integrated Design Commissioner Tim Horton who called for shared governance of city places, including the stretch of park lands from Bowden to Hackney.

Clyne said city rim councils should have a greater strategic role in planning for the park lands as well as be given opportunities to financially invest in projects.

He said development could include cafes, better fitness trails, more facilities and something like an adventure playground.

"If you look at the view from Mount Lofty the number one icon is the park lands and I don't think we've got it right because we don't have the right people making decisions and that's why we need the input of the inner rim councils to make them more user friendly," he said.

The government announced a development plan in December which will see higher density residential development in inner metropolitan council areas, including areas facing the park lands.

"Again for us Greenhill Road has been identified for high density living and across the road you have one of the potentially best park lands in the world so our residents will be using those park lands even more," Clyne said.

Prospect Council mayor David O'Loughlin said there needed to be a masterplan to gradually improve the park lands.

"You can argue there are more that live around the park lands that use them then people in the city therefore they should have a real say," he said.

"I know ACC have consulted on park lands usages but I'd encourage that to be ongoing rather than once every three four five years.

"I think there is, in my view, huge opportunity for an international call for a design competition for a 100-year master plan over the park lands because it was high calibre designers that have been the foundation of great spaces around the world including Central Park in New York and Hyde Park in London."

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