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News release - Strong interest in our Port

Monday, 12 November 2012
Author: Minister Patrick Conlon, Government of South Australia

The State Government has compiled more than 1500 public comments following the recent Port Adelaide Renewal Open Day.

Minister for Housing and Urban Development Patrick Conlon said the community responded well to the Open Day and he was thrilled with the high level of interest in the renewal of Port Adelaide from both locals and the broader community.

"More than 4500 people attended the Open Day and discussed with Government officials their
ideas for the Port," he said.

"The response has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly around the ideas put forward for Hart's Mill, Dock 1 and the proposed walking and cycling trail that will wrap around the entire frontage of the inner harbour."

Mr Conlon said work will soon start on planned early activation projects at Port Adelaide with the beach at Cruickshanks Corner completed before Christmas time for a rowing regatta on Australia Day.

The projects will be implemented by the State's Urban Renewal Authority - Renewal SA - and its Chief Executive Mr Fred Hansen.

"People are showing a genuine desire to make public spaces more inviting and accessible and
it's important that Government plays its role and gets projects on the ground," Mr Conlon said.

"It's also important we work together in recognising our commitment to celebrating the heritage of the Port by ensuring a strong connection between the old and the new."

Mr Conlon said the community has also demonstrated an interest in reactivating the Port with new public art, events and entertainment, which has prompted a significant number of new ideas.

Feedback and ideas provided at the Open Day will continue to be considered and ongoing community consultation will occur as part of a master planning process.

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