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2007 -- 222 items
15-16 January Thinking on Two Wheels: 3rd International Cycling Conference [View
January 2007
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6-13 March Early Childhood Research Seminar Series with Dr Fraser Mustard [View
March 2007
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8 March The Hawke Centre Focus on Rights series: Human rights and non-violence in a culture of war and injustice [View
8 March True Guardians of Democracy - The Parliament or the Courts? [View
9 March Health Literacy and the Role of Universities: A a public lecture by Professor Ilona Kickbusch [View
13-15 March International Emergency Management Conference [View
13 March Understanding globalisation of pharmaceutical consumption: order without laws? [View
13 March Informing and defining directions in early childhood research in South Australia with Dr Fraser Mustard [View
13 March Malalai Joya MP: "the most famous woman in Afghanistan" (BBC) [View
14 March The future of the world [View
15 March Report launch by Ilona Kickbusch: "People and places: Urban location, social capital and health" [View
16 March Impacts of preschool education: Lessons from Oklahoma presented by Professor Deborah A. Phillips, Department of Psychology, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA [View
19 March Australia's Nuclear Choices [View
19 March Adelaide Thinkers in Residence public lecture / AW Jones Oration With Frazer Mustard [View
23 March Cultural competency and racism: [View
23 March Planning for an Ageing Workforce: Seminar 1: Skilled Migration - Policies and Trends [View
23 March Whiteness, Morality and Forgetting: Three Stories of Gang Rapes in Australia in Recent Years. [View
27-29 March Asia Pacific Systems Engineering Conference 2007: Adelaide Segment [View
28 March Stirring the Possum: Climate Change... What's the BIG idea? [View
30 March Flinders University Department of Sociology Seminars: Couples who live apart in Australia [View
30 March Fridays at the Library: A Wardrobe of Hats Reading, Writing and Criticism in the Public Sphere [View
1 August Working with complex and demanding clients [View
August 2007
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1 August Afterlives of post-colonialism: reflections on theory post 9/11 [View
1 August Biting Issues in Health & Disease [View
2 August Carers Policy: Implications for Service Providers [View
2 August Relief in sight? How well prepared is Australia to respond to a crisis in our region? [View
3 August What should the next federal Government do about work and family in Australia? Policy ideas for a changing workforce [View
3-5 August The History Trust of SA: 16th State History Conference [View
3 August The Global Rise of Suicide Terrorism [View
3 August Perspectives on middle schooling in 'the north': students, teachers and principals [View
7 August BioBreakfast Series: Contract Research - How to Manage Business Growth [View
7 August Labour Market Success of Immigrants to Australia: A Panel Data Analysis [View
7 August Sustaining farmland and water resources: the growing problem [View
7 August UniSA Working Links Seminar Series: Governmental Reforms: what's the new, new thinking? [View
10 August Fridays at the Library with John Hirst [View
11 August 2007 Wilks Oration: Living with Difference: the Australian story' by Professor John Hirst of La Trobe University [View
14 August Legal and ethical issues raised by organ donations after cardiac death [View
14 August RESEARCH TUESDAYS: The Reproductive Revolution - Have We Gone Too Far? [View
14 August Philosophers Cafe: Making a difference [View
15 August Small Community Housing Organisations: Making a Future [View
15 August Body of Knowledge Lecture Series: Molecular Medicine: Early Warning radar for severe diseases. [View
16 August Volunteering SA Policy Roundtable Discussion [View
17 August Peace through tourism [View
17 August Researching teachers' work [View
20 August Helping family businesses with Dr Dennis Jaffe [View
23 August Migration Policies: Building Australia's Human Capital: The Hon Kevin Andrews, MP [View
23 August Relief in sight? How well prepared is Australia to respond to a crisis in our region? [View
23 August The Lloyd Cox Memorial Lecture: Men--The Missing Half of Reproductive Health [View
24 August Upping the Anti - Anti Social Behaviour Orders [View
24 August Winning Organisations in Australia: The Role of People [View
26 August Watching evolution in action [View
27 August The Politics of Research Management: Reflections on the Gap Between What We Know About SDH (Social Determinants of Health) and What We Do. [View
28 August Sleep and School in Teens: Issues and Concerns [View
29 August Stirring the Possum - Giving the Past a Future [View
29 August Urban Growth - Is it Time to Stop the Sprawl? [View
31 August 2007 Energy Security Forum: Energy Security in North East Asia [View
31 August Book Launch: Fresh Water - new perspectives on water in Australia [View
1 September National Council of Women of SA Public Forum 'The Good, The Fad and The Liberated' [View
September 2007
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4 September The John Bray Oration 2007: Censorship and secrecy: threats to an open society in an insecure age" [View
4 September Molecular Plasma Engineering in a Bandaid [View
5-8 September Medicine, Ageing and Nutrition 2007 [View
6 September 'Get a life' Spotlight Seminar [View
11 September Research Tuesdays Public Seminar Series: Optical Fibres: Our Future Beyond Telecommunications [View
11 September Philosophers Cafe: A Caring Society: Are We Over the Hill? [View
17-18 September Intelligence Analysis in the Asia-Pacific Conference 2007: Intelligence Culture and Practice [View
18 September "Can the end ever justify the means? Achieving equality for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples & the Northern Territory intervention" [View
19-21 September SNAICC National Conference 2007: Ngadluko Ngartunnaitya - For Our Children [View
19-21 September Fusion 2007: Collaboration with Impact [View
20-21 September Our Work, Our Lives 2007: National Conference on Women and Industrial Relations [View
20 September The People's Health Movement: Our Current Campaigns and Actions [View
20 September William Jones: the Man Who Fame Eluded [View
21-24 September 2007 SAHANZ CONFERENCE: Panorama to Paradise: Scopic Regimes in Architectural and Urban History and Theory [View
21 September Australian Premiere: BEYOND BELIEFS: Muslim and Non-Muslim Australians Deliberate [View
23-26 September 20th Annual Australia and New Zealand Society of Criminology Conference [View
25-28 September National Indigenous Languages Conference 2007 & Australian Linguistic Society 2007 Annual Conference [View
26 September THE GERMAN CONTRIBUTION TO SCIENCE IN COLONIAL SOUTH AUSTRALIA : Why was this contribution so important in our history? [View
28 September International Perspectives on Workforce Development [View
1-2 October 4rth National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Male Health Convention [View
October 2007
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2-5 October ASLA 2007 Conference: Adelaide Hearts on Fire: Sharing the Passion: Learning, Literature and Literacies [View
2 October "What do Australians think about increasing inequality?" [View
4 October Planning to Age Well [View
5 October Research-at-work Seminar: Researching Refugees and Schooling [View
6 October Edward Said Memorial Lecture: "Israel's Dilemma in Palestine?" The process, the failures and the prospect for a workable solution [View
9 October Philosophers Cafe. The Arts: Engaging The Community [View
10-12 October 2007 National Conference: Simply the Best: Reflections of women through records [View
10 October Tenth Annual Hawke Lecture: Consensus revisited? [View
11 October Healthy Development Adelaide Thematic Evening "Good Food, Good Health - Nutrition through the life cycle" [View
12 October Evidence to Reality - Active Ageing Week [View
15 October The Embattled South Australian Legislative Council [View
16 October Forging a Research Career When the Going Gets Tough! - Career Development Event [View
16 October The Health & Society Theory Club Second Meeting [View
16 October Declining Numbers: Mathematics and the iPod Generation [View
17 October "Weighing Up Australian Values: Turning Risks Into Opportunities" [View
17 October de Lissa Oration for Children's Week 2007 - 'A Caring World Shares: Making a Difference in Children's Lives' [View
18-19 October Making Connections: More than Just a Handout: Emergency Relief [View
18 October Globalisation and the new individualism [View
18 October 'The State of the World: Sources of Global Stability and Instability' [View
18 October The State of the World: Sources of Global Stability and Instability [View
19 October Policing in South Australia's remote and rural communities: preliminary observations from a novel police diversionary strategy for young Indigenous offenders [View
19 October Media, Terror and Technics [View
24 October Water Wednesday - The Future for Water in South Australia [View
25 October Onwards... New Australian Standards In Workforce Planning [View
25 October 2007 Blue Sky Regional Public Lecture Series [View
25 October Annual CYWHS Oration - Will We Live Longer Than Our Children? Improving health outcomes for children born from 2000 onwards [View
26 October State Infection Control Conference: Infection Control... "from contagion to containment". [View
26 October "Masculinities, Men and Blokes" - Day Seminar [View
26 October Centre For Work + Life Seminar Series 2007 - Whose Security? Women, War & Meeting Needs [View
26 October CREEW seminar: The unspoken culture of organisations [View
31 October-
2 November
The Jobs Australia National Conference 2007 [View
31 October Young Investigator Award 2007 [View
2 November National Primary and Community Health Network Forum [View
November 2007
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2 November Asian Studies Seminar - Assessment of the Public Transportation Policy in Adelaide, S.A. (Especially the Competitive Tendering of Bus Services) [View
5 November A Big Day at War [View
8-9 November Teaching and Research - making the connection in Health Sciences [View
8 November Volunteering SA Policy Roundtable Discussion [View
8 November OARS SA Annual General Meeting [View
9 November Planning for an Ageing Workforce Seminar Series 2007 [View
12 November The HPV Vaccine - Key Considerations and Challenges [View
13-15 November Stars in Our Backyard - Country Health SA Primary Health Care Conference [View
13 November Clare Burton Memorial Lecture: Understandings of Sex Discrimination in the Workplace: Limits and Possibilities [View
13 November Research Tuesdays; Looking after your brain - new approaches to an age-old problem [View
13 November Professor Ilona Kickbusch: The Shift to the Healthy Society. Co-presented by Adelaide Thinkers in Residence and The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre [View
14 November Flinders University & Australian Book Review Annual Public Lecture - Body, Brain and the New Science of Communication: Turns of Phrase, Figures of Speech [View
15 November Concepts of education and processes of genocide [View
16 November Young workers in South Australia: casualisation, commodification and workplace citizenship [View
16 November Schultz Oration: Confronting Water Scarcity: Water Futures for South Australia [View
16 November The Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music (CASM) presents an evening of Indigenous music and dance [View
19-20 November State Tourism Conference: South Australia - Brilliant or Bland? [View
19 November Catherine Helen Spence Oration: COERCIVE RECONCILIATION [View
20 November Sustaining Farmland and Water Resources: The Growing Problem [View
20 November UniSA United Nations Society Free Public Forum: Multiculturalism: What does it mean in Australia today? [View
21 November Hawke Centre/UNIFEM Informs Seminar: The Security of Women: Building a Safer Future [View
21 November 2007 Investigator Lecture - Insurmountable opportunities: success in a resource-limited world [View
22-23 November The ACOSS National Annual Conference [View
22 November Envisaging Educational Futures [View
22 November Innovations in Mental Health Services - Workers Showcase [View
22 November Academic Identity (Re)construction Through Learning New Practices - World Caf� Event [View
23 November 21st BIRTHDAY OF WHO OTTAWA CHARTER for Health Promotion - Is the Charter relevant to the 21st Century? [View
26-28 November Australian Environmental Law Enforcement & Regulators Network Conference - Adelaide, November 2007 [View
26 November Listening Tour: With Elizabeth Broderick, Sex Discrimination Commissioner and Commissioner responsible for Age Discrimination [View
27 November Beyond Oil SA [View
28-30 November State of Australian Cities Conference [View
30 November SEMINAR POSTPONED: Issues for young adults in Adelaide linking, work, home and community: some preliminary findings [View
30 November FIAPI Seminar: A Community of Dependents? Doing Politics' in Post-tsunami Sri Lanka [View
30 November Children into State Care, Commission of Inquiry Report [View